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They walk down the street with a mask on / cheering you on like a mascot / their heart is foul and they hide amongst / waiting for another victim they can latch on / just like an animal stalking its prey home / or more likea cannibal feeding upon its own / pricking and tearing at the very person you are / beware foolish are those who disregard / there's a burden in my heart when i see people falling and when they try to get back up on the one they are trusting is above them corrupt in their ways, condescending talk never fulfilling the purpose of a true friend that would love them / beware of the fraud and the faker / be aware of the constant danger //
Brothers and sisters lets all join hands
our time in this flesh likes within His hands

I've had my share of being sucked in the lies
Its time to step up and say my goodbyes
My mind is in the past
I must turn my eyes steadfast
Pushed out of my limits I fell to their ways
From drugs to the lies oh they helped my stray
I found joy in the filth but something lingered
A pain, a groan, a cry for help

Beware of the masked sons and daughters
They're wolves leading sheep to the slaughter
Imposter beware of the wolves

Don't get too close, you'll never see their face until you're left alone
No matter how hard you try, it's not enough in the end
Open your eyes, Their bad company never satisfies
So take a deep breath and say your goodbyes

I stood by their side as a constant companion
I was with them every step of the way
I felt it fading away lets call it compassion
I felt my soul begin to decay
I had nothing to hope for. Maybe another day. I sought sustenance. from the deceiver himself. How much longer would I live in dismay

Reach for a love beyond the surface
There's more to life than just living the lie.


from Captured, released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


The Beautiful Exchange Dallas, Texas

Christian Metalcore band from Wylie, TX

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