House of Mirrors

by The Beautiful Exchange

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Repeated failures make me comfortable with the house I've put my faith in for so many years
My prideful thoughts echo in my head
I don't need anyone by myself
How could I lock the door, question everything, hang the mirrors on the walls
And expect to see
Take me back
I'm ready to start again

My pride in the crisis from the beginning to the end it goes up and descends
When I put my faith in myself, I fail again and again I can see the trends
But when I endeavor to trust in the one that can lever me out of the lows
I'm learning to grow discerning the line between courage and cowardice so

What have I done that's worthy of my own praise?
Crooked comparisons leave me counting the days!

This is where I've made my home!
Lord raise the tide wash away all my pride!
If this continues I'll end up alone
I can't see when I'm on my own

This is where I've made my home
There was one way in and now there's no way out
Save me from what I've become

Take me where the sea meets the sands
Wash me clean of these prideful hands
I keep forgetting that I'm just a man
I'm just a man

I'm finally letting go of this burden I've carried
My rebellious ways will be forever buried
I need your grace God
I need you now
This is my offering I lay me down

This is where I've made my home
I can't breathe when I can't feel the breeze
If this continues I'll end up alone
I can't see when I'm on my own

This is where I've made my home
I locked the door and now I lost the key
Save me!
Save me from myself!


released February 12, 2014



all rights reserved


The Beautiful Exchange Dallas, Texas

Christian Metalcore band from Wylie, TX

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